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About DINE Corporation Agricultural Center 

The DINE Corporation Agricultural Center (DINE) is a minority-women-owned nonprofit in the rural low desert of central Arizona. Started by the DINE Corporation, an education and public service company that began in 2004 in Pleasanton California, and currently is in Arizona. The DINE team is made up of women of color who are educated, focused, and ready to serve. We partner with other non-profits, Universities, and Colleges for sustainable solutions. We are solidifying plans to open our new operation in Caddo Parish Louisiana by March 2025. The goal is to plant Short Leaf Pine, Water Oak, and Cherry Oak, trees and extend the farming operation with inground and high tunnel gardening. 


DINE has a two-fold vision to provide sustainable solutions for maintaining an affordable wholesome food supply. Also, along with the agricultural workforce, we bring opportunities for socially disadvantaged youth and underserved communities.  We educate these young people (12 to 25 years of age) and underserved communities in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness, and forestry. We also focus on pollination, restoration, and conservation, not only to combat food insecurity but also to provide job opportunities for socially disadvantaged youth.

Our Company
African american woman picking vegetable

The DINE Corporation Agricultural Center is a nonprofit that will serve as a cooperative center for agri-business development. We work with many partners to provide agricultural job training for socially disadvantaged individuals. All our team members (100%) are women of color who have years of experience and expertise in business, agriculture, and education and represent several businesses that are part of the DINE Corp family. We know firsthand the challenges and barriers that members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People Of Color) community face when trying to get ahead. We are committed to educating socially disadvantaged men and women to give them the skills they need to obtain living-wage jobs in the agribusiness field.

young african american woman inpsecting


Our leadership's stand on Safety is more than just our company metric - it is also our value that drives our commitment to social responsibility as an organization. We set and deliver on strict safety standards which we implement daily. Our culture of safety is modeled first by our executive team with guidance from our Health & Safety Team.

Environment & Sustainability

The DINE Corporation's Strategy is to expand our vertical farm to Caddo Parish, Louisiana by the year 2025. To educate and train socially disadvantaged youth and underserved communities by teaching them about agriculture and conservation.   


We are committed to the research and development to find sustainable solutions for our crops and to improve the environment.

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